Sunday, 26 April 2009

Deleted posts burial

May this be an end of an old chapter in my blogger career and a start of a new and exciting one. 
I may never see or remember all those scribbles and stories i have previously written but i will remember this mistake and shall never repeat it again. 
I shall try to think positively about this unfortunate accident and look forward to more blogs in the future.
(For the record) May those deleted posts rest in peace in the eternal black hole of the world wide web. 
I still feel bad about all those wasted posts and I lost the will to posts and posts...
really... i feel like crying. 

Well, let us mark this post as the end of my first blogger chapter. This is why this post is called deleted posts burial. As they say, things happen because of something and when a window closes a door opens. (did i get those idioms right?) 

Although I am grieving and hating myself for allowing such a stupid mistake, I will try to find the motivation to keep on blogging. *sigh* I've got no spirit at all. 
The only thing that keeps me from continuing is the thought that i have some place to express myself freely without caring of what others think of me. (that's not entirely true coz i do care, in my own way but whatever. lol)