Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Fortunate Contract - Chapter 1 "Deal"

Chapter 1 - "Deal"

Serena Rainey sat on a window sit contemplating the documents before her. This is it, there’s no turning back. Once she decided to sign this paper she’ll be in a 3 year marriage contract with her childhood friend – our resident rumoured player.

“Deal?” Jerick Foreman asked, holding his hands out to Serena.

Serena looked at Jerick and back to the papers in her hands. “Deal.”

The waitress came with their orders, sundae for Serena and coffee for Jerick. She winked at Jerick as she placed his coffee on the table, sliding a tissue with her number in the process. Jerick smiled at her and gave her a nod as thanks. He’ll call her tonight to pass some time. Serena didn’t miss a bit of their unspoken conversation and smiled to herself.

“Here.” Jerick said, passing Serena an envelope. “All the necessary arrangements are in there.”

Serena curiously took the envelope from Jerick’s hands and took the papers inside. “Thanks”

She skimmed through the papers while Jerick looked outside, smiling when he saw their parent’s hired paparazzi taking pictures. They made sure that the guy has a good view on them but not on what they’re doing.

Serena put the papers down the table, “So... the wedding a month from now huh?”

“I’m sorry, I know it’s a rush but we can’t do anything. It’s all been decided by our parent’s and it’ll be good for the business.”

Serena sighed and mouthed a spoonful of ice cream. “heh! You never change do you?” Jerick teased.

“What?” Sarah asked, irritated. She knew it wasn’t Jerick’s fault but she can’t help thinking that their parent’s got them.

“You always eat ice cream when you’re in a mood.”

Serena ignored him, “This was their plan all along! Sending those stupid marriage proposals and blind dates every month”

Jerick stifled a laugh as Serena ate another spoonful. “Anyway, can’t we go to one of our resorts in Thailand instead?” she asked, trying to change the subject.

“Don’t you like Europe?”

“No, I’ve been there quite a lot and it’s a great place. I just want to have a change of scenery... that kind of thing.”

Jerick took a sip from his coffee. Serena thought he was going to one of his moods and quickly took her idea back “Well, if you don’t want to... I don’t mind. I can settle with good ol’ Europe and bore my mind off.”

Jerick raised his eyebrows and smirked at his fiancée-in-name’s sarcasm and gave in. “Thailand it is.”


AN: Heyo! so this is another story by me. It's not finished yet and I reckon it'll be a bit long. Well, me being me, i'll probably loose the urge to write at some point. Thus, i don't have any plans on putting this up in for the time being (i really don't want this story to be like MA and be stalled indefinitely). Also, this is a very rough draft. Tell me if you spot something wrong or if you saw something you can't understand or seemed vague. I'll try to polish and edit it :)

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