Saturday, 25 April 2009

Recovered post

This is the only post i could recover from all the post i accidentally deleted.  

BTW, due to my idiocy, i deleted 35 previous posts... *&$%"!!!!


Happy Easter!

um... i forgot what i have to say. :/


lol! I just finished my dinner while watching Grease :) It's a good ol' film and i love Zandie's voice!

Anyway, maybe i should greet all of you a Happy Easter! XD

So yea, HAPPY EASTER ^^.


A bit of a dilemma on my part. I've got two coursework due on the day back, i haven't started them. I suppose you know why, right? if you don't, then i suggest you read my last post--the title's a giveaway. 


And so, my target for this week is to finish those coursework, do some essays, some revision and do more of revisions! oh yea, i forgot about assignments.