Monday, 25 May 2009

The Blabbermouth

Erm... you know i have been thinking about things. 
When did you not think about things?
urgh. I don't know! Shut up!
So, let's not act like a crazy woman shall we? *ahem* 

Okay people, please do not think of me as some nutcase. I am completely sane and stable, just to let you know. Alright, well maybe i act like a looney sometimes but i'm totally harmless. haha. 
And so, get ready for a long post, for i am to tell you my whole life. *insert a me trying not to laugh* 
ha! i'm kidding! Of course i am [kidding].
I can probably tell you my life story before you even finish saying 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'. That's right, it's that mundane and uneventful. But since, I'm in the mood of writing, i shall tell you a story back when i was still in elementary. Don't blame me if it sounds childish but i was a kid back then! [*click the read more link (^_~)]

I changed school back when i was in grade 3. From a campus with 4 different departments, each said department having their own building, a separate admin building, a humongous canteen and gymnasium, green field, it's own church (yes, it's a catholic school) and my heaven, a two-storey library; to a small school with only half a building (the other half being commercially occupied by a salon and a computer shop) and only an average of 15 student per grade. Not that i'm complaining, back then i didn't really care if i changed school and not see my best friends. I mean, i was sad that i may never see or hear from them again (cell phones were not really that popular back in those days) but hey! i was a kid back then.

I started to know my classmates and had no problem fitting in, or so i think. My memory is not that great. We were all in the same boat, after all, the school is new and everyone basically came from god knows what school. Our class (or our whole grade for that matter) is composed of 4 girls (including me) and 9 boys (my fleeting crush included. And of course, another special person whom i like till now. haha! die from guessing! i won't ever confess! Besides, he probably don't feel the same way i do - and that my friend, is what you call unrequited love (not that i love him)). 

Uh, moving on.

I think it was when i was in grade 5 when this happened, and i have to make this clear: it was not my intent that things ended up like that. Well, evidently, it was my fault for telling the parentals about it, but how could i have known that the poor kid would end up that way just because of a little call? and how could i have guessed their reaction when i told them about what had happen? (Talk about overprotectiveness. That was why after that incident, i learnt to shut my mouth)
You might think what a bitch i am for doing that, but back then i didn't really know what would happen. I was a kid for crying out loud! and kids naturally have loose mouths. 

It was an ordinary day and well, i was sort of touchy (haha! mood swings). My teacher left after her class had finished and we were left copying the notes she wrote on the board. I was on the front row and the boy was at my back. Well, i was not as tall as i am now back then. I was rather small, in fact, i was the smallest in the group and well... he was second smallest. If i were to describe him, he's small (duh) and have the look of a bully and true enough, he was somewhat of a bully, but not all the time. I mean we were friends, everyone was, me and my classmates are close but i was not as close to him like i was with the girls and my bestfriends, nevertheless we are friends. 

He told me to move because he couldn't see the writings on the board (or couldn't he really?), i didn't move (told you i was in a touchy mood). He could've either move and go to the front or tilt his little head aside and see past me, but unfortunately the kid didn't have the brain to even think of that. Instead, he slapped me hard on the back of my head causing me to let out a painful 'ouch' and cry. (ah! children... tsk tsk tsk) My memory is a bit hazy of what happened after that. 

I came home and the parentals, doing the normal thing when their children come home after school, asked what happened while i was in school. Me, being the innocent child i was, told them my uneventful day, including the slapping incident. I remembered my mom/dad (which one? anyway, one of them probably both of them) was angry and asked me what the number of the poor boy's house. Well, i didn't know, but we had those class directory so they found it, eventually. 

They called the boy's house and talked to his parents. (i feel bad now... damn.) 

The next day, i saw him with a cut on his face (just a small one) and his guy friends, which by the way is also my friend, told me that he was hit by his dad that night and things just kind of escalated. My adviser summoned me to the faculty room and scolded me for telling my parents about it. She told me all this crap, saying, i shouldn't have told them about such a small thing that could've been settled in school. Thinking about it now, how can she scold me for something like that? (Okay, i agree, maybe i shouldn't have told my parents about it, but argh!) 

The next thing i now, the poor kid was not attending school any more and transferred back to his old school. I never saw him again after that and i never knew what's the actual reason why he transferred schools either.

So, I won't blame you if you think i was such a bitch when i was a child. Heck! i think i was as well but see, if the boy just used his brain a little and not do that, well this would never had happened anyway. Thus, i blame him. ha!

I hope he won't ever read this post or i'm screwed. haha!

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.
-Margaret Peters