Saturday, 30 May 2009

Daily Mail 3

After looking through my blog an epiphany came to me. I haven't done Daily Mail yet! :O
I know! It's shocking isn't it? hehe! Here comes a train of people shouting "You're overreacting! silly!" LOL.

Here goes--> Thing's Sazzy's been doing for the days she has and hasn't blogged:

1. REVISION - yes, i know what you're thinking. It's probably on the line of "Has she got a life?" but unfortunately for you, i won't answer that question. You shouldn't either. If you do answer it. I don't want to hear it. I'm tired of revising and honestly, i don't know if i can finish revising on time for my exams. *sigh* Please just pray for me and all the others taking exams.... 

2. Blogging - wooot! I love blogging! haha! Sort of relieves my stress. I love you all! *hugs and kisses* LOL

3. Reading - Hold your horses guys! haha! i'm as surprised as you. I didn't know i had the time to read and immerse myself to a world without exams and just enjoy. (they're all romance stories as well. haha)

4. Cleaning - Hey! i can see your jaw dropping! stop it! LOL! You might not believe it, but i do clean once in a while and keep my room tidy every now and then. I'm not as lazy as you would like to imagine. :P

5. Writing - yesh! haha! although my time are mostly used by my revision i did manage to write two chapters of MA and they're up in FP so read it! ('Why don't you post the link then', you ask? well, there is a reason why but i won't tell you. Just go to and search Marriage Arrangement if you want to read it.) 

6. Falling in love - Ok, now you're exaggerating. haha. But i think i am in love. The catch is, it's with a person whom i'll never meet and if ever we do then i'm just super lucky. haha. Want to know why? Simple. Because he's Kim Hyun Joong. Doesn't ring a bell? Hint: he was in the Korean Drama Boys over flowers and he was also in We got married and was partnered with Hwang Bo and he's also the leader of the boy band SS501. Still don't know him? Try google! :P 

To fear love is to fear life.
-Bertrand Russell