Sunday, 3 May 2009

I'm tired my friend. Can you take it from here?

Ah! how i wish you could. Wouldn't that be nice? 
haha! I'm kidding.
Don't you think I'm whining too much these days without even doing anything worth it?
Yes, yes. Indeed. It's true isn't it?
Sheez! Saz get a grip! :P 

You know, i have been thinking (i'm thinking too much lately...) i have less than a month till my exams. Is that good? It's not isn't it. haha

Of all my major subjects, i'm most worried about Biology. I don't actually love/like Biology that much and much to my embarrassment, it is the only subject i got a line of 7 when i was still in Munsci. hays... those days... I remember the whole class failing that subject during the 4th grading. Well, thanks to BioMan, we didn't really fail. Miracurously enough, i got about 81 or something in the end. Another subject of concern is Citizenship. It is supposed to be a subject you could get a way with: not revising and still have a passing grade in the end, but unfortunately for me, i am not an essay person who can make 8 essays within an hour and 30 minutes. To simply put it, i can't waffle on about all this being-a-citizen questions. You can tell i don't like essays, can't you?
Well a big CONGRATULATIONS for figuring that out! 
hehe! i'm fooling around. :P

Oh well, i guess it's time to finally draw the line between WORK and PLAY. 
And i'll get to the business tomorrow :)

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.
-Bill Cosby