Saturday, 30 May 2009

A very VERY nervous person

*hangs her head in defeat*
I didn't do any revision today. Yes, to answer your question. You have every right to scold me and i apologize for not doing any revision today. I'm sorry.

Yes, I know i'm being very dramatic. haha. But seriously, i didn't do any revision. I touched the book and read 2 pages which by the way, are now forgotten. I just don't know how i can cram a whole book tomorrow

Let's just wait and see what awaits me but I'm afraid my grades are at stake here, so i don't really want to mess this whole thing up. I shall try my best. *sigh* 

Erm. So today my dears, I attended an anticipated mass for pentecost and I read the second reading. Trust me, i was so nervous! My hands were the epitome of coldness, and when i went up the podium to read, i made whole lot of mistakes and had to read a word or two again. My hands and knees were trembling and if it was possible, my cold hands went up a notch (in terms of coldness). haha. 

I was also very pleased today because today was the finals of Britain Got Talent and OMG! Diversity won!!! yay! haha! Love them! I absolutely love them! The other acts were great and some are a bit shaky but they pulled through! haha. Hope they do well in the future!

Anymawhosis (got that from my amiga) i need to end this little scribble now because i feel terribly tired and i need my sleep. That's it for now, goodbye everyone! 
Hope you have a great week ahead of you and goodluck to us examinees!
May God give us knowledge and guide us in answering our exams. Amen.