Saturday, 16 May 2009

Weekend Scribbles 2

Yes, people! I decided that I'll make Weekend Scribble a regular thing. 
I'll also try to make a sort of an icon for it or something to be place everytime i do it. 
Won't that be cool? it will won't it? 
So, if you've got any ideas tell me 
OR if you're one of those really REALLY wonderful person and make me one i'll be really grateful!
(I'm also working on a banner for WP so look forward to it! It might take a while though because of exams.)

My exams are just a few days from now and guess what? I'm not prepared. 
haha! I know, I know, i should revise right? 
And, you're probably thinking, "...and she was aiming for an A (¬_¬)"
But don't worry, it's not too late I am revising (bit by bit). I'm gonna get there.
Have faith in me people! I will! I can do this!
Of course, if all else fails, i can always resit. 

To my fellow examinees, we can do this! 
Good luck to every one of us!
May God Bless us all and give us wisdom for our exams. 

Out of life's school of war: What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.
-Friederich Nietzsche