Saturday, 13 June 2009

Creepy crawleys

Last night or I don't know while I was asleep I dreamt of spiders for some reason. Here's the dream:

I was lying on my bed and I had no idea why but someone was on the upper bed, I think it was my dad. The bed wasn't in it's usual place near the big window, instead it was on the other side of the room near the smaller one. I opened my eyes and saw two big spiders on the box right next to my bed. I saw a flashlight next to me and turned it on to the spiders. They didn't move.

I tried then to go back to sleep but when i opened my eyes they were still there and they're crawling towards me. I didn't want to touch it (I admit, I'm scared of spiders. Happy?) but then in one way or another I did. I know the feeling of small spiders crawling on my hand but never the big ones so I thought why not try it? and in my dream I did. I slowly inched my hands to the black spider and it crawled on my hand. When I felt its feet I immeadiatly flicked it away. It hit the closet and died. The other one for some reason where stuck on a paper bag and can't seem to come out but its not dead.

The next thing I knew I was in the living room and someone asked me what's the flashlight for in my room. I told them there was a spider. Then, the image of the room with the flashlight pointing at the paper bag flashed in my mind and I woke up. Creepy eh?

Well, after that I looked at my dreams book and searched out spiders. Here's what it says:

For many, spiders are something of a nightmare, but in dreams their influence is far less terrifying. In Native American tradition they are seen as creatures of deep intelligence and prosperity. Dream-spiders often appear when the sleeper needs to make an important decision. They can also denote tremendous tenacity in pursuing an objective.

To tell you the truth, I'm as clueless as you are about that importand decision and that objective. But I guess I'll find out in due time eh? haha. Anyway that's that. Have a nice day everyone!

Be kind, for everyone you meet is having a hard battle.