Friday, 5 June 2009

An unexpected story


I just had a row with my dad. It was something we usually do whenever he was drunk and it would usually end with me hurting at the end. I have forgotten when all this had started. I think, I was happy as a child. Well, that was until mom decided that she doesn't need us anymore and left with a guy half her age 2 years ago. Everything started to go downhill then. My dad spent every single time either in his company working his self to death or down the bar. And when he did, well, you can guess what happens...

So, I ran out of the house in the middle of the night into the pouring rain. I don't have anything with me. No phone, no shoes, no money, no, nothing... just my pj and a tee. You might say i'm insane, but i'm not. I'm a little messed up but who wouldn't? This family is just so messed up and the only way to escape my druken father was to run out of the house and hope that the maids and the house survive till i come back. You see, he's quite violent whenever he's drunk. It's like a tornado swept pass our house everytime. It's crazy!

I tried looking around my surroundings and I realized that i'm still in our front garden. I contemplated going back or walk out here through those gates and never come back again. I did neither. I just stood there as the rain poured heavily on my pathetic self. I was far enough from the house to not hear anything breaking or crashing. I was shivering heavily and my teeth are starting to chatter. I was so numb (emotionally and physically).

I wonder when this would end. When will my dad ever come back to who he was? When will my sweet father come back and hug me again, like he always do?

Never. I heard a voice say in my head.

hah! now I'm hearing voices?

I looked down and saw something interesting. A pair of scissors. I grabbed it with my shaking hands and looked back at the house and started walking back.

Now, don't be stupid. said the voice and i just smiled.

"It's not stupid." I muttered "I'm ending this."

I collapsed at the stairs leading up to the door. "Perfect!" I shouted.

This is beyond moronic Alexis! Drop the damned scissors now! She shouted back at me. I smirked at her and she started shouting endless profanities in my head.

"No one will ever know. They won't find it till morning and you know it. Besides, the rain will help." I said back, staring at the scissors at my hand.

I parted the scissors and held it with my right hand. The voice started to shout loudly in my head, her voice amplified by a thousand megaphones. I felt my head pounding hard and all i can see now is red.


My smirk grew more knowing that the voice can't do anything but just shout. I felt the cold metal with my wrist and blood started gushing down my hands.


Within seconds, i felt faint and blackness engulfing me. Oddly enough, just before my conciousness left me I heard the front door open and my dad shouting my name, his voice filled with worry and I smiled.

Ok! What was that? haha. That literally just came to me as I was cutting a theme park wristband off of my wrist. Just to make it clear to you guys, I don't cut my wrist and i'm not an emo or goth or whatever. I don't know, it just... just came to me?

Have you ever experienced that? I was under this sort of 'i need to write this down' sensation. And, it just so happen that it came to me while i was trying to write Daily mail. haha. Told you i was leaning to the dark side XD

Whatever people, hope you enjoyed that weird unexpected story.


P.S Sorry I forgot to do Daily Mail.