Sunday, 7 June 2009

Weekend Scribbles 5

Hey everyone! How have you guys been?

Me? I'm pretty much not doing good. I think i need some rest and I'm in need of some solid sleep. Also, i'm not sure when my mechanics exam will be but I feel that I should be revising right now. haha.

Erm... i'm running out of things to say. My mind is not functioning as it should be so forgive me. I shall give you some story update with MA and it's a bit sad:
I'm contemplating of whether to stop writing MA altogether or to just leave it for now and re-write it again. It's sad because I don't really want to stop MA because it's my baby but I think I have to before I ruin Sarah and Alex's stories. I kind of went astray somewhere along the middle and the plot changed. I think I have to work on my timeline skills and the progressing of stories before I continue writing it. The plot also lacks depth and although I find writing it very exciting and I enjoy it, I feel that the story is dull and kind of boring. So in the end, I think I shall stop MA for a while. Don't worry though, this is not final. My descision may change and I might just continue, finish it and then re-write it.

With that, I shall bid you guys g'bye!