Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Her Decision.

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Sazzy's listening to: Just in time by Alyssa Bernal

The official ban has been lifted as of 16:oo this afternoon! I have been surfing the internet for quite a while, as usual. I've also got my results fro my UKCAT here:

Verbal Reasoning: 550
Quantitative Reasoning: 600
Abstract Reasoning: 640
Decision analysis: 720

My average score was 627.5

I'm having a mixed feeling about my result because I'm not sure if my average is enough or not. I was hoping to get at least 630 but the verbal reasoning let me down. I was surprised, however, that I got such a high score on decision analysis! I think it actually save me from getting an average score of below 600 which would have been bad. A bit gutted by my verbal... I didn't expect it to be that low... maybe it had something to do with me guessing half of the questions because of time restrictions! lol.

From my UKCAT results I have finally made my mind about my course options in applying to Universities. I will be pursuing medicine and will keep biomed as a back up course. The next thing I have to think about is what universities should I apply for!

Having said all that, I'm really glad it's all over now and I would like to thank everyone for supporting me in this test and most especially to God for guiding me through the process and the exam itself.

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.
- Anais Nin