Monday, 28 September 2009

She's Forbidden.

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Phantom of the Zeremus (The Final Battle) in courtesy of K a w a i i -r a d i o

As of 19:32 of the 28th of September I am officially banning myself from going to, .ph, facebook, onemanga (or any other manga sites) and plurk till tomorrow 16:00 of the 29th of September.

I will allow myself of course to go on Blogger to put little entries on my progress.

Wish me luck :)

Oh! By the way here is an interesting test result I've found (it is related to my exam so don't go off on me).

Your answers show that you are a combination of Leader, Organiser and Broker.


The leader co-ordinates team activity and makes sure that everyone has their say. This requires good negotiating skills, and at times, the ability to persuade others of a particular course of action. Skilled leaders make things happen by being extremely persistant and by energising other people


The organiser takes ideas and turns them into practical plans. This involves working out schedules and sticking to time deadlines. It is the organiser who makes sure that jobs get done and that the team is kept on track. The organiser is an energetic team member who is good at tying up loose ends.


The broker is good at promoting team spirit and skilled at diffusing tension. The broker also likes to take new ideas and develop them, especially if this involves communicating with people outside the team. In short the broker is good at networking and keeping an eye on what other businesses are doing


Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgements.
-Barry LePatner