Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sulat ni Tatay at Nanay

research by Mae E.
video by Jap D.V.

This video made me cry within 15 seconds. It is one of the most beautiful videos I've ever watched. It instantly pulled at my heart-strings and after 4 minutes I was sobbing.
Nakakalungkot mang isipin, balang araw tatanda din ang mga magulang ko at darating at darating ang araw na sila'y yayao patungo sa ama. In watching this video, napagisip-isip ko kung gaano kaikli ang buhay. Na sa isang iglap pwedeng mawala sa'yo ang pinkamamahal mo. Habang naiyak ako, I can just imagine my mom and dad doing the things in the letter. Then, I came to realize kung paano ako umasal nung buhay pa si Lola.
It's true, the things in this video.
Noong buhay pa si Lola, I remember her nagging me all the time. Tapos, mai-irita ako kasi lagi siyang tawag ng tawag kahit na may ginagawa ako... She used to ask me whenever I go home from school to buy her some food sa karinderia and sometimes I'd go reluctantly. Now that I think about it... how much would I give to bring back those times. I never thought I still miss her this much. I was such a horrible granddaughter.... There was a time when my friend came over the house and nandun si Lola... she went inside the house and tanong siya ng tanong... hindi ko na maalala kung ano pero nainis ako... then i said something bad behind her back. heh. I remember my friend told me off because of it and I regretted ever blurting it out because I felt bad afterwards.... I could probably go on for days telling you everything I can remember about my Lola kasi hanggang ngayon malinaw pa sa alaala ko yoong mga araw na kasama ko siya.
I can still remember how she smells so nice every time I hug her...
How it feels to kiss and be kissed by her...
How her voice sounds...
How she used to take care of me...
How fragile she feels like whenever I hug her...
How she's so stubborn...
I can still remember everything about her.
I miss her to bits and I love her to bits :)
I know she's happy now... that was why it was easy to accept that she's finally left us to be with him in heaven.
Lola, mahal na mahal kita :D

Haha! I've got a mountain of tissue beside me! LOL