Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday morning greetings

Good morning!

Is what I wish to say but unfortunately it's not. It's already 1 am so technically it is already morning now but anyway it's not a good morning because I still haven't finished my coursework and my GAA coordinator is coming tomorrow and I've done no work.

Basically I'm screwed. Just like I always am.

On a happy note, tomorrow will be the last day of school and next week is half-term holiday. I plan to stay at home and sleep all week. With the exception of the Wednesday of that week because that's my essex interview. Which reminds me that I won't have time to dawdle around because I must do various research on my course so as to not sound like an idiot in the said interview.

That totally mess up my week's plan... sheez.

*sigh* Now all the things that I've got to catch up on comes rushing in my head and I'm finally realizing that I really don't have time to relax and sleep because I've got so much things to do... that is so sad.

Anyway, I have to wake up early tomorrow for the house assembly in school so I'm off.

Bye Bye!