Thursday, 22 July 2010

Bye One Manga!

Due to this news:

I might be reverting back to my old ways. OneManga and mangatoshokan has alread closed down or removed manga from their sites and Manga Fox will prolly follow soon, so I'm afraid I have to find some other reading site or download the updates directly from the scanlators.

I thank One Manga and mangatoshokan for all the efforts they've put in making it easy for us to read free manga so far. It's sad to see them go but everything has an end and maybe it's time for me to start buying manga? or maybe cut down on my reading? (NuoooOO!)

I'm not opposed to what the Japanese publishers are doing since the manga industry is business and money is important. What they are doing is their right so can't do anything about that. I'm just sad. haha.

*I'll write more about this sometime later when I have the time but for now, tata. :)