Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Going around Southend.

I had a meeting today with an employee of the organization that I want to volunteer in and I ended up cycling around Southend and being lost somewhere along the way. I finally appreciate the GPS ability of my phone! Without it I would have been wondering around for hours somewhere. haha.

Hmmm... so to make it easier here's a map (courtesy of google maps and CS2):
The starting point was my house at 1:00 pm, but my house is a secret so let's start at Point A, which is the high street. I then cycled to Point B (The Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre) where I met up with Ms T to talk about the tales of being a volunteer and all that jazz. After my meeting with Ms T, I went to the nearby Mc Donalds to eat :)

I opted for a slightly healthier option which was the Chicken supreme burger w/ a lot of lettuce. I wasn't able to finish the whole meal so I asked a kind employee for a take away bag. When I have had enough rest, I wondered if I should go back the way I came from or take the long way down Hamstel Road (the road highlighted in blue after Eastern Ave) and Southchurch Road. I never thought I'd ended up all the way down the seafront. Haha.

Since it was already around 4:00 pm when I arrived at the seafront, I called my Mom to check what time she'll get out off work. She told me she'll kick off at 5:00 pm so I decided to wait for her. I sat on the beach and finished my burger meal slowly and lingered in the Highstreet for a while to pass the time. I met up with her back at point A and I finally got home at around 7:00 pm.

Total Distance travelled: 9.4 Km :)

Don't let riches - or the pursuit of riches - derail your pursuit of Jesus.
- Our Daily Bread