Thursday, 24 March 2011

... ~ :/

The initial burst of happiness has ebbed away and the anxiety and fear starts to creep in. It wasn't that I am reluctant to accept and do the job but I am nervous of the oncoming storm of blunders. It's like the first day of school all over again, except a wrong move on my side may lead to people hurting more than they already are.

Work Days are back!!

After all the training and all the waiting I can finally work and officially start! Yehey!!!! :D

As you can probably tell, I am very very very hyper right now. I'm practically in cloud nine. I just got a call from the office telling me that I could now book shift for work! So yeah! *pumps fist up in the air*
I'll be starting this Monday from 1:30 pm to 9:30 pm. And heck! I'm looking forward to it. :)

So, Thank you! Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing! ^^

Sunday, 13 March 2011

min min ninja

"min min... min min..." muttered the ninja at my side imitating the sound of the cicadas and trying to be a part of the wall- but failing miserably. He would have splendidly camouflaged himself if only the paper he's hiding behind is held rightly upward, as is the pattern of the wall behind him.

I looked at him oddly and shook my head in resignation. The poor boy was doing his best to 'conceal' himself from me, so the least I could do was to humour him and pretend that he is not in the room. I knew he was here to spy - again - but really this is getting ridiculous. I sighed at his antics and walked purposefully to my desk and tackled the mountain of paperworks.

I would have continued signing and reading the multitude of report on my desk if I hadn't sensed some movement around me. I was quickly reminded of the person 'hiding' in my office and glanced to my left. The paper wasn't as high as they were earlier and the top of his head are peaking out, I placed my glasses down and pinched the bridge of my nose. The room has gotten darker and I noted that the sky had turned from a nice sky blue to a reddish-yellow. I looked back at the deformed part of the wall, "I'm sorry, I had completely lost track of the time. Your arms must be hurting."

The paper straightened all of the sudden -stubborn mule. I stood up from my chair and stretched out grabbing my sword and hitching it on my belt. I made my way to the door and sighed heavily, "Aa~ I really wanted to see my brother today... now I wonder where he'd been all morning and to think I was looking forward at giving him something."

I heard him gasp behind his paper from his 'hiding' place and I smirked. I turned the door handle and stepped out of the corridor and soon enough a little ninja caught up to me and hugged me from behind. "Brother!"

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Rant Post (Or maybe not?)

Somehow, I feel that I'm such a crappy writer and I'm just not good (writing aside).

It must be the feeling of being down talking, but I can't deny that somewhere in my mind, I really do think that. My composition are littered with grammatical mistakes, scattered ideas, uncertain tenses, and use of awkward and out-of-place words. It's a mess isn't it?

I'm probably just annoyed, tired and sleep deprived right now so I guess that's why I'm falling down deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole but really the question that should be asked is "Do I want to get out of this hole?"

The answer is Yes and No.
  • Yes, because it's pathetic to drive myself to depression and retreat to my own world. It is not good to encourage my introvert self and let it take over. I don't want to end up being a hikikomori after all. Of course, I shouldn't let my self esteem and self confidence go down the drain either - that would be a waste. I am also sure, my family and friends won't appreciate my withdrawal and along with it my change of attitude.
  • No, because although it feels like I am going insane if I stay any longer here, it is - believe it or not, rather nice. I'm not saying that I enjoy the idea of myself walking on the border of insanity. It's just I'd like to stay here just for a while more to look at myself and have some time alone. But don't worry, I know my limits and I'll be sure to step back when the ground is about to crumble.
But really, I haven't exactly fell into the deepest pit of the rabbit hole...I can still easily pull myself out of it really and I probably should do that ASAP. *sigh* And this is a rant post. I'm sure if I get some sleep I'd be back to myself by tomorrow so please just ignore this. (Anyway, Is this really a rant? or just an emo post? But I'm not really emotional right now... actually I'm rather calm? If you could see my face it's probably like this: ( -_-). Hmmm... I'm rambling. Ok. This is really it for tonight. I'll really be going to sleep. :P)

A midnight scribble?!

(Well it's past midnight actually but who cares about such a trivial thing!)

I am feeling rather down right now and I don't exactly know why... I would, if I could, try and look for what exactly it is that is bothering me and keep myself busy contemplating about it for hours but that would unfortunately, lead me to nowhere - so I'd rather not do that. I have also been suffering from this wretched cough and I think it's affected my tonsils - they're hurting right now. I've been drinking all kinds of medicine but I'll be sticking with just one from now on and I've been told that I should hydrate myself as much as possible. So, I will do just that. I shall drink a lot of water starting tomorrow... I just really want to get rid of this cough and cold as soon as possible. I've already had enough! It's already been two weeks and, I'm pretty sure you'd agree with me on this, it is such an inconvenience. It's affecting my plans, as I cannot go out or work when my body decides that the earth's gravity is suddenly higher than it usually is and won't let me get out of bed.

Anywhos... scribbles are meant to be short, so I'll be ending this here. I also should go to sleep now as I really shouldn't be staying up late... but you know how my body clock is messed up and how I cannot sleep earlier than this time because my body just doesn't work that way and would not let me sleep no matter how long I lay in bed with my eyes closed. haha. So, with that. Goodnight! :)