Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The scaredy cat

A post just to say that I'm actually still here. hahaha.

First I shall all greet you a fair day ahead. Now that that is done and over with. I'll tell you about my day! I had work this morning at the cardiac care unit. It was a nice ward. Nothing really hectic and the staff and the patients are lovely. I did the routine. Change the beddings, wash the patients, do the obs etc. etc.

It was a lovely morning besides one of our patients passing away. I helped in washing and cleaning her up and in putting her in the white bag. She was collected later on to go to the morgue.

That was the first time I saw a patient passing away and when the nurse asked me to clean her on my own... call me whatever you wish, but I was scared. I was alone with the patient in the side room and everyone was busy. I stayed away from her and started filling the bowl with water but I just couldn't do it. My nerves was kicking in and I was just really afraid of touching her. I don't know... maybe I just watched too many horror movies but I imagined her grabbing me and opening her eyes if I touch her and that really crept me out. She was 'deathly pale' (now I actually know what that looks like and not just imagine it) and cold.

It was just really unnerving to see a person you've seen breathing in the morning, dead. So, it was to my relief when the nurse said that I didn't have to do that anymore as the relatives didn't want to see the body. So what I did was, I cleaned her mouth up a bit and bolted out of the room. I later on went in to help the nurses clean her up and I was fine since there were more people in the room. I just couldn't do it alone since I'm such a scaredy cat.

After finishing my shift, I went home and organised my letters and posted another evidence to student finance. So, that's it really. I'd like to ask you guys to pray for the soul of the lady who died today and her family who was left behind. May she rest in peace.