Thursday, 25 February 2016

A new page

I'm currently in the middle of turning a new page in my life.

That is, I will soon be unemployed again after having resigned from my job. It was a decision that I have pondered over for a long time and finally this new year I gathered enough courage to do it. I don't have any backup plans neither do I have another work lined up for me but I have been thinking about quitting as early as a few months after I got the job and with all the changes with the merging of two sites, I made a stand. I don't know if it is the right decision. Even now that I have signed my leaving papers and my last day have been decided, I am still second-guessing my decision of whether I should stay or go part-time or just go with it. It's a very troubling time.

The only reason I could think of why I want to stay is probably because it is an easy job, I don't even have to think or make a decision, my job has become a routine and it pays me enough. There is also a possibility of advancing in my career - but with how many people competing for the trainee job and the company prioritising the people who have worked there longer, it would probably take me a couple of years before I achieve what I want to do. Besides, I am also thinking of doing other stuff and have not yet fully set my heart to this field. But I think the major thing that is holding me back is the uncertainty of the future, I'm afraid because I don't know where to go and I am comfortable where I am now.

Whatever my decision will be (although, it is most likely that I will stand by my resignation and leave), I know that even if I end up leaving or not, the possibilities that lie ahead of me are endless and whatever that will happen shall happen I just have to keep looking forward and work hard.
"Those who want to start a new journey, there is always new roads open for you."
- Chiaki-kun quoting Aida Mitsu, 'Short Cake'.